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EnVus top rental cars

If you happen to be in or near Los Angeles and you want to have a ride while you are there then you are reading a correct article. Well correct if you got a bit money to invest to cruise through the city of angels in a super car you wouldn’t be able to afford to buy. Rent cars are the solution, EnVus is a destination which you ought to give to the taxi driver.

Well there could be some problems while renting super cars, cars that are either rare or have extreme 6 or 7 digit price. If you want one of those then you will have contact the company before and check whether the car you want is available. EnVus has a wide array of cars to offer, you can check full list on their site or go to their warehouse. Now if you are looking for those expensive and eye-catching cars  I will recommend few of those that will do the trick.

World of super cars is rather small. Well there are a lot of manufacturers that have one or two super cars, and there are indie manufacturers who have some interesting designs of their own. And then we have manufacturers who dedicated their time and money on super cars only. As you might have guessed Ferrari and Lamborghini are two biggest and best known super car manufacturers.

Many believe that 325 km/h is a speed limit of sorts and that only cars that can go that speed may be called super cars of present. Ferrari 458 Coupe is one of those cars, its maximum speed is exactly 325 km/h. It goes up to 100 km/h in only 2,9 seconds which is another milestone for a super car.



Unlike 458 Coupe which features v8 engine Ferrari Spyder has v10 which produces an incredible 802 horsepower. 202 mp/h or in the rest of the world 325km/h Spyder has same maximum speed as its counterpart 458 Coupe. But Spyder has kept some of Ferrari’s old lines where 458 Coupe has a more present and I would say futuristic look if you compare these two. If you find your self in a position to afford luxury car rentals Los Angeles, be sure to try this car out.

Lamborghini Huracan is one of two Lamborghini’s I will mention here. I think that everyone expected this car to be here, considering all aspects we want from a super car. 15,2 l V10 engine is hidden under the hood of this beast. It spits out 610 horspower which makes 325 km/h Huricans’s maximum speed.


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Lamborghini Avantador is the other Lamborghini and power-wise is similar to Huracan. Only difference you want to pay your attention to is whether you want your ride to have smooth lines with little corners, in which case the Huracan is your choice, or the elegance of weak angles which Avantador is so well known for.

T rex is a symbiosis of car and motorcycle whose maximum speed of 230 km/h is achieved by BMW motorcycle engine. This little best has only two wheels, one in the back and two in front of you, and you will have the wind in your hair ( or not if you want to go a bit faster, there are propose a helmet) because this thing has no doors.